• TMT Bars
  • Raipur :- 46920.00
  • Durgapur :- 47073.00
  • HB Wire
  • Raipur :- 51612.00
  • Durgapur :- 51612.00
  • GI Wire
  • Raipur :- 56508.00
  • Durgapur :- 59568.00

Hico Multifin Products Pvt Ltd was set up in Kolkata in the year 1992 by Late Shri Nathmal Agarwal and his son Shri R K Agarwal, individuals with a passion for achievement and success, to trade in various Mild Steel (MS) Products. Within a short period, the enterprise achieved a phenomenal growth in trading and manufacturing both, acquiring a PAN India base in private as well as public sector undertakings (PSUs). Today, under the dynamic leadership of Shri R K Agarwal and innovative management of Shri Prateek Agarwal, younger son of Shri Ramesh Kumar Agarwal with inherited ethics of his Late Grandfather, HICO Multifin Products Pvt Ltd has crossed the narrow limits of national frontiers. Given their crystal philosophy that ‘sustained growth is the sole way to traverse the pebbled path of competitive global atmosphere’, we export our quality products to Nepal Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh,Sri Lanka, South Africa, Vietnam,and the Middle East.



To craft a unique identity by attaining the highest degree of professionalism while supplying premium products ‘at sensible prices within the assured time-frame through a collective approachiand human, values.

HICO stands on 4 pillars:
  • * Holistic Approach
  • * Integrated Ethics
  • * Competitive Prices
  • * Outstanding Services


To be a proverbial name.in the world. ofiron & Steel by simplifying the supply chain’ managementwith an inte- grated ethics and Hdlistié’ Gpproach ina cohesive, congenial and co-operative ambiance where ouréfficient and dedicated humamresources have job satisfaction along with adequate liberty for their personal growth so that they may ‘discharge their duties with enthusiasm, honesty and trustworthiness and’may:dedicate them- selves wholeheartedly to fulfill our commitment of being a most client-centric company that maximisesiits profits by. assigning top priority to customers while still enjoying the beauty of life and spirit amid’a.bettér world order based on fair play.

Nationwide Branches

With a countrywide network of power plants, we've doing our best to power our community.

Completed Projects

We have always been proud of what we have accomplished influential changes.

Trees Planted

We have always been proud of what we have accomplished influential changes.

Business Retails

We have always been proud of what we have accomplished influential changes.

R K Agarwal

“When we founded HICO Multifin Products Pvt Ltd in 1992, we had only ‘one goal before us - to evolve as a leading brand in Iron & Steel Industry, and we have achieved it by God's grace. We believe in a ‘Win-Win approach’ and strictly avoid a lopsided deal. The 'We Win - You Lose’ or ‘You Win - We Lose’ Approach may walk fast but not far. Today, HICO is one of the most trusted steel suppliers in the entire Eastern India region. The story of HICO does not end with what we are today, but what we are going to be tomorrow. We are focussed on our sublime vision to emerge as a proverbial name in Iron & Steel Industry, and we are going to make it a reality by giving a hand to our efficient and effective human resources who strongly believe in Values and Ethics as the foundation of business success, realise their potential for exquisite performance, put their heart and soul into Quality, and apply their practical sensibilities to satisfy Customers, our most valued stakeholders.”

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